Oriental Rug Cleaning

These are examples of typical Persian and Haitian Cotton Rug Results when done in your home. We do come across a great deal of Oriental Wool Rugs as well.  Please note both of these customers choose the Clean In Your Home Option.  For fringe cleaning Rugs must be brought in for 3 day process

The beauty and quality of Hand Made Oriental Rugs is indescribable. And here in Hawaii, there are many of the finest examples in the world. We understand how much you value such prized possesions. We offer two separate services for Oriental Rug Cleaning. Touch up in your home or a full cleaning in our shop. As always, we serve as instructed.

  • 1. We can clean it in your home for a discounted rate. (please note: fringe can not be properly cleaned on site)
  • 2. We can pick up, bring in and put it in the “bath”. By far a superior cleaning and fringe is cleaned, dryed and brushed. We can usually have your rug back to you within 3 days.

The choice is yours. In home for quick touch up maintenance or at our shop for the full gusto. Full gusto includes:
Deep shampoo bath (both sides), Clear rinse, Colour Brighteners and Colour Sealer added, Humidity controlled drying, and stain protector. Fringe is whitened, bushed, and dried. Then brushed again. Once completely dry, your rug is the treated to remove any excess stain protector (which could make the rug feel “stiff” ) in order to provide your hand made natural fiber rug with the comfort and soft feel you expect. But with the stain protection qualities that give you piece of mind when company is about.

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