Stain Removal Guide

Regardless of which company you may choose to provide you service, we have posted a few “tricks of the pros” in this do it your-self stain removal guide. Which you can perform yourself at your own convince and secure that you won’t be paying any extras… These methods will remove most any stain, including: Candle Wax, Bubble Gum, Ink, Coffee, Wine, etc.
Take your time, follow the process and you will surely save yourself a lot of $$$. BEWARE, you can permanently damage your carpets by burning or bleaching them. Perform process at your own risk. DO NOT TRY on Berber, Natural Fiber or Commercial grade carpets.

Tools needed:

1. Steam Iron
2. WHITE hand towel
3. Stain Remover ( Always perform a test in a non-conspicuous area to insure color wear & fastness)


1. Apply stain remover- do not over apply, just get the damaged fibers moist with the chemical
2. Fold hand towel in half and place over stain (you are doubling the thickness of the towel)
3. Fill Steam Iron with water, set to MAX steam and turn dial to Wool Setting
4. Place iron on top of towel and stain. The steam raises the stain into the towel. BEWARE- if you see the towel start to show burns on the top level, keep an eye on the carpet very closely.

If the stain does not at least lighten in the first 5 minutes, wait for a Pro.

If the stain comes out in the first 5 min -GOOD JOB! If it only lightens, repeat the process until you arrive at success.

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